You are invited to join my podcast! November is a month during which I like to undertake a gratitude journal challenge. I firmly believe that practicing gratitude each day can have a profound impact on the world. It has also profoundly changed my life and the lives of my listeners. Additionally, I run a group where we write gratitude journals every day at 5:35 am, and we have been doing this for three years.

The Fly with Lily Podcast is a project I have been running for 9 years. Initially, it was a platform where I shared my tips on language learning. Now, it enables me to connect with friends from all around the world. For many years, it has consistently ranked in the top 0.5% of podcasts globally. I derive great joy from sharing what I have learned during my travels. I believe that the most beautiful aspect of discovering a new place is the people I meet along the way.

Here are the steps: (You can also watch the video above for clear instruction!)

  1. Choose a Question (If it’s crossed out, it’s already taken).
  2. Follow this format for your introduction:
    • “Hello, you’re listening to Fly with Lily. I’m your new friend, [Your Name], originally from [Your Hometown]. I’m currently in [Your Current Location] because [Explain the context]. By profession, I’m a [Your Job/Profession]. In my free time, I [Describe your hobbies/interests]. My dream is to [Share your aspirations]. Today, I’ll be answering a question posed by Lily: [State the question].”
    • Please keep your response to one minute.
    • End by saying “That’s it. Thank you for listening!”
    • Below is an example recorded by Andres, my Spanish teacher!

Step 3: Record and Submit:

  • Use the provided button below to record or send a WhatsApp voice message.
  • Record in a quiet environment and avoid getting too close to the microphone to prevent popping sounds.
  • If you encounter technical issues, you can book a meeting using this link.

**By submitting your recording, you agree that Fly with Lily has the right to edit and distribute it in future podcasts and writings.**

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