Secrets to Getting Everything You Want |得到你想要的一切的秘訣

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07   Secrets to Getting Everything You Want 




   Hey Lily Wong here, and this is Fly with Lily Podcast.

大家好,我是Lily Wong, 歡迎收聽我的播客Fly with Lily.

    Life can throw us unexpected curveballs of all kinds…From the loss of a loved one, career change, or family problems. For me, it was the loss of my mother and my marriage. The worst experiences of my life, led to the most euphoric learning experience and life journey I ever could have imagined. My journey let me dive within myself, overcome my fears, drop disempowering beliefs, and remove mental limitations. 


From motivation, language learning, business, nomadic life stories of world travel, to just plain dropping your baggage, Fly with Lily podcast offers the inspiration you need to open yourself to this world of opportunities…without limits!

從激勵層面,語言學習,商務事業,環遊世界似的流浪生活故事到只是輕鬆地丟下包袱,Fly with Lily的播客將提供你所需的無限靈感讓你敞開自己面對世界的種種機遇。

Welcome to Fly with Lily podcast episode 7, I’m your host, Lily Wong. I want to thank you for joining me in today’s show.

歡迎來到Fly with Lily播客第7集。我是你的主播Lily Wong.感謝您加入我收聽今天的播客。

In the last episode, I shared my friend Kelly’s story and mine, and talked about why the choices we make affect 1our life. 


Today, you’re in for a treat. I’m holding nothing back2 and going to share my secrets and what has been working for me here. It probably won’t work for everyone, but I hope it will start planting a seed in your head. 


If you’re a new listener who just tuned in3, I want to let you know that I was living with really low self-esteem4 growing up and that led to my failures in many aspects of my life; love, relationships, friends and family, career, studies, you name it. Most importantly, I was not a happy person and sometimes even entertained suicidal thoughts. By following what I’m sharing, I’m now traveling the world, running a growing business that I love, and having amazing relationships with people. I’m confident that my stories and successful formula5 will benefit you.


Let’s get right in to secret #1: Become a person of value, rather than a person of success.


I love this quote so much. Although I do love successful people, I love it even more when people share their knowledge and wisdom6. Do you know in 1919, when the richest man in the history of the world Andrew Carnegie died, a handwritten7 note, written to himself was found in his desk drawer. He wrote the note when he was a young man. It contained his primary lifetime goal. The note read, “I will spend the first half of my life earning a fortune and the second half of my life giving it all away8.” That is exactly what he did with his life. He had applied what he knew about goals and goal setting and then, he wanted to share his ‘how to’ knowledge with everyone who might benefit from possessing that same knowledge.

 People like to learn from and follow their role models9 not just because they have everything they want, but they look up to10 them because of how they motivate and encourage them to follow in their footsteps.


你知道嗎,在1919年,世界歷史上最富有的人安德魯·卡內基死了,有人在他的書桌抽屜里找到了一張寫給他自己的紙條。這是他年輕的時候寫的。紙條上寫著他的主要終身目標,寫道:「我將用我上半生賺取財富,再用我下半生來捐贈它們。」 這也正是他一生所做的。他應用他所熟知的目標和目標制定,然後與所有可能受益於擁有同樣知識的人分享他的「如何去做」的知識。人們總是喜歡學習和跟隨他們的楷模,不僅是因為楷模們擁有他們所想要的一切,而是因為敬仰他們,因為他們激勵和鼓勵人們跟隨他們的腳步。

My life has greatly changed ever since I chose to become a person of value. I constantly think of what I can give to people to make this world more wonderful. Surprisingly, most of the time I feel I’m the person who receives the most.


Also, I remember when I was at the lowest point of my life, I was sad, depressed, and constantly feeling very lonely11. It was when I started to transfer my attention to how I could help others go through their own storm, I became less sad. It’s true when you notice other people’s pain, somehow your pain is not as great anymore. I often suggest if my friends are dealing with great loss or pain, to try to pay attention to some who are less fortunate and see if they can offer help. That act turns out very therapeutic12. And their life becomes full and happy.


In 2016, I was just separated from my husband and I was constantly sad and feeling disempowered13. I tagged along with members in my travel club and I went to Guatemala and Nepal to participate in building schools for local children. I met lots of incredible people and some of them shared their life stories with me and let me know I’d be alright. Also when I saw how backwards14 of a life the kids were living, they weren’t suffering but were content where they were, I felt that I was truly blessed. The kids were very innocent and they found me very strange and interesting. It was funny that we couldn’t speak each other’s language but before I left I received so many flowers and presents from them. Some of them cried and that made me cry too. I knew those were tears of appreciation15 not sadness like I did quite often before I made the trips.


Since I’m a podcaster16, I pay a lot of attention to online entrepreneurs. I’ve also noticed why some of the entrepreneurs are more popular than others, it’s because when you go to their sites you always find more value than you can take in17 all at once18. That’s also why some great authors make millions of money and impact thousands of lives. It’s because they share their knowledge in a very accessible19 and understandable way and truly leave a mark on their readers. 


Since my audience is very business minded, you might be wondering: I’m ready to be a person of value, but I don’t know what to give. Well, that has happened to me too. Here I want to share a tip on how to find your sweet spot. What is a 「sweet spot」? Have you heard this saying: 「Do what you love, the money will come.」? I feel, to be a person of value, you’ve got to be more than just doing what you love. Let’s try an experiment. If you take out some paper and draw three circles in a triangle shape, each one overlapping20 the last. Within each circle, fill in things you love, things you’re good at, and things people pay you money to do. Do you see that spot in the middle, where all three circles intersect21? That is your sweet spot. If you can find a way to combine these three elements, then that sweet spot can be the thing that helps you turn your passion into a money making business that also brings you fulfillment22.



Take me for example23, I love travel (what I love) and I’m bilingual in English and Mandarin (my skills), and I’ve been an English teacher for many years (what pays me well) and I started sharing how to learn English and teach travel-English. Gradually, I became the expert in the area. Also my podcasts have become more and more popular, since I started traveling more and showing my audience how to apply what they’ve learned in real life.

以我為例,我喜愛旅遊(我所愛的),我精通英語和普通話兩種語言(我的技能),我當了好多年的英語老師(什麼能支付我),我開始分享如何學習英語和教旅遊英語。 漸漸地,我成為了這個領域的專家。而且我的播客也越來越受歡迎,因為我開始更多地去旅行並向我的聽眾展示如何應用他們在現實生活中學到的東西。

Since I have chosen this path, I have been feeling really blessed every day. Now my mission is to help you do the same. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey! 

因為我選擇了這條道路,我每天都感到很幸運。 現在我的使命是幫助你做同樣的事情。謝謝你能讓我參與你旅途上的一部分!


This has been another episode of the Fly With Lily Podcast.

So what now? Go to to download my gift for you to help work on your abundant lifestyle or Contact me directly for a consultation.

This show takes a lot of work & planning, so if you enjoyed it, please consider a 5 star review on itunes, following on Facebook & Instagram, @FlyWithLily, or come up and give our crew a hug on the street when you’re on your journey. Thanks for listening, and remember – life’s curveballs, can be your best opportunities!


這是又一集的Fly with Lily播客。

接下來怎麼做呢?  前往FlyWithLily.com的網址下載我給您的禮物,幫助您豐富生活,或直接與我聯繫咨詢吧。




1. Affect   [ə’fekt] vt. 影響;感染;感動;假裝

2. Hold nothing back  毫無保留,毫無隱瞞

3. Tune in  收聽

4. Low self-esteem  自暴自棄,自尊心低

5. Formula [‘fɔːmjʊlə] n. [數] 公式,准則;配方;模式

6. Wisdom [‘wɪzdəm] n. 智慧,才智;明智;學識;至理名言

7. Handwritten [hænd’rɪtn] adj. 手寫的 v. handwrite的過去分詞

8. Give away  贈送,捐贈

9. Role model  榜樣,楷模,模範

10. Look up to  尊敬,敬仰,仰望

11. Lonely   [‘ləʊnlɪ] adj. 寂寞的,孤單的;偏僻的 

12. (跟Alone區分記憶:Alone: 獨自的,單獨的,孤獨的。助記:Alone, a開頭的,一個,獨自一個人的,多指是一個人的。例句:I am alone, but I am not lonely.我一個人,但我不覺得孤獨。)

13. Therapeutic  [,θerə’pjuːtɪk] adj. 治療的;治療學的;有益於健康的

14. Disempowered  adj. 消極的

15. Backward  [‘bækwəd] adj. 向後的;反向的;發展遲緩的,落後的

16. Appreciation [əpriːʃɪ’eɪʃ(ə)n; -sɪ-] n. 欣賞,鑒別;增值;感謝

17. Podcaster  播客,播主

18. Take in 吸收,領會

19. All at once  同時,一下子,一次性

20. Accessible [ək’sesɪb(ə)l] adj. 易接近的;可進入的;可理解的

21. Overlap   [əʊvə’læp] n. 重疊;重復 vi. 部分重疊;部分的同時發生  vt. 與…重疊;與…同時發生

22. Intersect   [ɪntə’sekt] vi. 相交,交叉

23. Fulfillment  [fʊl’fɪlmənt] n. 履行,實現,滿足感,成就感

24. Take sb. For example 以某人為例

25. Abundant  [ə’bʌnd(ə)nt] adj. 豐富的;充裕的

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